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About the Russian escort services market

Imagine just a girl whose wardrobe costs 150 million rubles. She is absolutely sure that there is no need to work in the classical sense of the word, that is, if a girl is beautiful, then she does not need to hump for 8 hours every day, and she will get exclusive cars and luxurious mansions simply for her beautiful eyes. These girls know their worth and do not hesitate to declare it to those who dream of their love or just about their presence nearby, even for just a few hours. We are talking about a girl who works in the escort market, who, rather, even conquered the top of the Olympus of this market.

Usually her fee is 25 thousand dollars a week – not less, and there are options when there are several men in the life of such a girl, then it makes sense to talk about 100 thousand dollars a week, and sometimes it is an accident, and sometimes a pattern, who believes that there are no accidents in life.

Essence of an escort: one of the opinions

The specifics of the escort, in general, have been defined for a long time, like its segments.

Initially, an escort is an escort, that is, you sell your time, which, as you know, is a very expensive resource in order to get some material values. And you agree in advance about what you will be doing at this time.

An escort without sex is a myth, this does not happen. This is a fairy tale that girls tell their mothers when they want to get away with it. You can just go to a beautiful event with a handsome uncle, only if you are a television star or sing songs that the whole country knows. It happens, however, that the client gets drunk, does not want anything, and he is drawn to chat – then it will work without sex.

There are three major escort segments.

First, there are dating sites, many of which have not been dating sites for a long time. They work there according to their types: a photo of some beautiful blonde who does not even know that she is standing there is put on the profile. A girl is sitting under this profile, and sometimes not even one, but, say, four. And currently free girls of this type are dating a man. 90% of men know that this is not just dating, and are no longer shy about offering money.

The second segment is leisure sites. They are blocked, but they can be easily accessed through an anonymizer, so they are often used.

The third is working with a manager. There are several Call Girls in Mahipalpur, but the main ones are four. They are small, they all sit in the center, rent offices. For me personally, it’s a mystery how they work. It goes through as a modeling agency, that is, the girls are all models. 

One of the most famous, demanded and reliable agencies is the largest modeling agency “Queens Palace”.

Considering the fact that there are millions of websites that offer escort services, the issue of security, and a mutual one, is now very acute. And very few people can be trusted, even if only 4 modeling agencies were tested in Mahipalpur. At the same time, it is important to reach such a level of services that a man wants to look after and conquer. In this case, the girl can generally receive all his dividends.

After all, the psychology of a man is such that when he begins to really look after, he turns into the very hunter, conqueror, and money is only a means, especially when he has it.

At first he can give a thousand dollars, then 10 thousand dollars, and then 50 thousand dollars. Already at this stage, he is very tightly “bogged down”, that is, attached. Then we can talk about hundreds of thousands of dollars. After all, the whole point is how you present yourself. And it’s not even about you, it’s about the desire of a man and his capabilities. And in healthy ambitions, of course, because money has always been a measure of his mental abilities, his ability as a man. For example, one fan was ranked 19th on the Forbes list.


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